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Created on 2009-05-01 12:16:43 (#163714), last updated 2009-05-03 (437 weeks ago)

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Name:James Dewees Slash
Location:Missouri, United States of America
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Welcome to the community for Real Person Slash centering around the genius known as James Dewees.
Specifically with the bands he is affiliated with, such as The Get Up Kids, touring members of Reggie and the Full Effect, Coalesce, Leathermouth, New Found Glory, and My Chemical Romance.
But also with bands that he's had any association with at all, such as Taking Back Sunday, The Bled, Thursday, etc.

Because James Dewees is the real center if bandom.

This is primarily a community for Fanfiction,
but we also accept fan art, slashy pictures, particularly slashy first hand accounts involving James Dewees, etc.
As long it has James Dewees and at least implied manlove, it's good to go here.

As the name suggest, all posts to this community will contain slash.
That's man on man love.
If that's not your thing, or you've written a gen or het story, please go elsewhere.

Absolutely no flaming.

Constructive criticism is welcome, but make sure the author of the story wants concrit first before you go and offer it.
Some people can be sensitive about that sort of thing, and others simply do not want it after they post a finished story.

We would like to keep the quality of this community at least slightly above average.
So we ask that you use a beta or at least spellcheck before you post, and have a basic understanding of grammar.

Please double check your html and site specific tags before posting.
We don't need the community page or people's flists looking terrible from a bunch of botched coding.

When you post fanfiction, remember to use the following header with your story:

Also remember to place the text of your story under a cut.

Fake cuts linking to a writing/personal journal are acceptable.
But make sure that the original post of the fic is public for all members of livejournal to read.

If you have any questions, please contact [personal profile] jetblackmirror.
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